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High-resolution Infection Control Tools

Antimicrobial Resistance Services, Inc (AMR Services) was founded out of a need for widely available environmental surveillance and whole genome sequencing for Infection Control Practitioners to understand and mitigate transmission of hospital acquired transmission and the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Our focus is on limiting the spread of hospital acquired infections and recognition that the hospital environment may play a role. With the advent of next generation sequencing, there have been several descriptions of applying this high resolution tool to understand and stop nosocomial transmission of antimicrobial resistant pathogens. We have real world experience in applying whole genome sequencing to understand and stop transmission of hospital acquired bacteria, many of which carry genes of antimicrobial resistance. We have also recognized how hospital plumbing may act as a reservoir for drug resistant bacteria with the potential for transmission to patients. 

Using our experience and expertise with a team of microbiologists, bioinformatics and infection control experts, we aim to make access to the tools of whole genome sequencing and environmental surveillance for hospital acquired bacteria more widely available. 


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AMR Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group, the non-profit associated organization responsible for intellectual property management and technology commercialization for the University of Virginia research portfolio.