sink lab


In our state of the art sink lab, we assess the efficacy of commercial interventions designed to reduce transmission of drug-resistant bacteria from sinks to patients.

We currently offer the following assays to evaluate interventions:

Growth over time: Assesses efficacy of intervention in preventing bacterial growth over time 

Upward growth: Assesses efficacy of intervention in preventing upward growth of bacteria to the drain level

Dispersion: Assesses efficacy of intervention in mitigating dispersion of bacteria from sink to surrounding environment



Capability to install or transplant sinks and operate under controlled conditions to test and track drug resistant pathogens at different levels(drain, p-trap,etc.)

Ability to regulate flow rate and frequency of water, soap, nutrients and disinfectant

Ability to test different sink designs and targeted interventions

Infection prevention groups can send us isolates (patient and/or environmental) and we utilize our advanced, high-quality laboratory services and analytics – including Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) – to answer the following types of questions for them in a timely manner:


  • Are these organisms related?

  • Is this infection imported from outside our facility or acquired nosocomially?  What is the potential role of the clinical environment?

  • Has this specific strain of pathogen been seen in our facility before? Is there an issue in our environment that we need to address?

  • How can we identify and manage point sources? How implement a surveillance program?

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