Antimicrobial Resistance Services, Inc


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Environmental surveillance

for MULTI-DRUG resistant organisms (MDRO)

We provide expert microbiological analysis of hospital wastewater premise plumbing for organisms associated with hospital-acquired infections. Using validated sampling protocols and culture techniques, we are able to assess the microbiological environment in healthcare facilities and identify risks for transmission of drug-resistant pathogens via premise plumbing sources.

  • Organisms of interest: We currently providing environmental surveillance of wastewater premise plumbing for multidrug resistant organisms with a focus on Carbapenamase Producing Organisms (CPOs).  Other organisms of interest can be cultured upon request.

  • On-site training and education: We offer training for Infection Control personnel in proper protocols for sample collection from wastewater premise plumbing to enable facilities to do routine sampling of their environment.


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Patient surveillance

for carbapenemase producing organisms (CPO)

We provide patient perirectal culture for detection of carbapenemase producing organisms, including identification and determination of genes of genes of drug resistance.