Antimicrobial Resistance Services, Inc



Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in clinical and environmental microbiology, applied genomics and infection control, allowing us to provide insights that inform infection prevention strategies and outbreak investigation.



Weston Fox

Weston is a healthcare entrepreneur with extensive experience in the industry, including with TARGET PharmaSolutions, Novartis and IQVIA.  He has held senior management positions in business development, corporate development, operations and strategy with a general focus on the application of data and analytics to enhance the capabilities of healthcare companies.  Weston previously worked at Carousel Capital and The Boston Consulting Group. Weston received his MBA from the University of North Carolina and his BA from the University of Virginia where he was a Jefferson Scholar.



Jeffrey Keller, Ph.D.

Jeff brings professional experience in finance, operations and technology to the AMR Services team. He also has experience with technology commercialization. Jeff previously held operating and strategy positions at GE Healthcare.  He received his Doctorate in Cell Biology from Vanderbilt University and his M.B.A from Cornell University.

Amy Mathers Photo.png


Amy Mathers MD, D(ABMM)

Amy is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology at the University of Virginia, as well as the Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology. Focusing on the urgent clinical problem of increasing carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae, she has been evaluating detection methods in clinical microbiology and molecular transmission of carbapenemase genes for the last twelve years with a focus on the environment.

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Shireen Kotay, Ph.D.

Shireen earned his Ph.D in Biotechnology from IIT Kharagpur, has an M.Sc in Environmental Science and Technology and B.Sc in Microbiology and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Environmental Engineering from University of Utah. Shireen spearheads scientific investigation in the state-of-the art Sink Laboratory, leveraging expertise in Environmental Microbiology and Wastewater Engineering to test the efficacy novel mitigation strategies for transmission of multidrug resistant bacteria from environment.

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Hardik Parikh, Ph.D.

Hardik has extensive experience in designing and implementing bioinformatics solutions for microbial genomics and metagenomics datasets. Prior to joining AMR Services Inc., Hardik worked on NIH's Human Microbiome and Integrative Human Microbiome Projects at Virginia Commonwealth University, to characterize the function and complexity of vaginal microbiome associated with adverse outcomes of pregnancy.

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Joanne Carroll, MT(ASCP)

Joanne received her bachelor’s degree in Microbiology at Pennsylvania State University. Previously the Bacteriology lead technologist at the University of Virginia Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, with sixteen years experience in clinical microbiology, Joanne has been working to refine CPO surveillance culture protocols since 2009.

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Katie Barry, MS, MB(ASCP)

Katie received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Baylor University and went on to earn her Masters through the University of Florida. She is ASCP certified as a Technologist in Molecular Biology and her experience in working in Molecular Biology spans both clinical and research settings.

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Project Manager

Limor Steinberg

Limor received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a specialization in Biochemistry at the University of Virginia. At AMR Services, she helps the scientific team to maximize their expertise by coordinating the technical efforts behind AMR Services’ unique service offerings.